About us

OMNI TECHNOLOGIES is engaged in design manufacturing and supply of process equipment for chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas companies. Among other products we supply systems for refining and preparation of natural as, oil associated gas, oil (including heavy oils) and other process medias. Being young and developing company, active in the local market about 5 years, we have already gained a reputation of a reliable and serious partner. Nowadays we are proceeding to introduce into the market new technologies and know-how in partnership with major design and manufacturing companies worldwide.

ОМНИ Технологии

Our process equipment is applied for:

  • Protection of turbine generators of all types and configurations
  • Treatment of transported, fuel and start-up gas ( at booster stations of major pipelines and at other facilities)
  • At separation units for processing of amines, glycol, natural gas, “acid gas” at sulfur production facilities, gas compressors for stabilizing of hydrocarbon condensate, at glycol regeneration units, at fuels processing facilities ( at oil and gas refineries and other sites)
  • At glycol regeneration units
  • For processing of oil associated gas upstream power generating gas turbine and gas-piston units (at oil production fields)
  • For protection of membrane separation units and molecular sieves (at the objects of chemical industry)
  • For treatment of natural gas and separation of lubes downstream compressors during pumping of gas into undergrounds tank storages
  • For protection of glycol losses and for glycol treatment (at gas dehydrating units)
  • For filtration and separation of any liquid and gaseous media as per the Technical Task of a Client

Our customers

  • "SpetsProject" Ltd for "Naryanmarneftegaz" ("Yuzhnoye Khilchuju Power Facility)
  • Rozneft – Uvatneftagaz
  • Severgazprom, Gryazovets Booster Station
  • Iskra-Turbogaz, Gadaratskaya Booster Station
  • Iskra-Turbogaz, Bovanenkovskaya Booster Station
  • Yamburggazdobycha Ltd.
  • Iskra-Turbogaz, Sakhalin Booster Station
  • TsBKN Engineering Center
  • Khabarovsk Oil Refinery
  • Yamalgazinvest Co, Purtazovskaya Booster Station
  • Lentrasgas Ltd, Nevskoe Underground Tankfarm
  • Iskra-Turbogaz, Sindorskaya Booster Station
  • Iskra-Turbogaz, Urdoma Booster Station
  • Lokosovski GPK Co. (LUKOIL)